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Restaurant marketing

12 ideas on how to market your restaurant

1. Create a website with a restaurant website templates

Your guest will have many options to choose from. This is how you make sure your restaurant shows up when they search in your area!

A website may be the most cost-effective way to attract new costumers to your business. Once it is in place it will require small amounts of money to maintain. You can probably update it yourself and make sure your menu and prices are always current.

Pick a suitable restaurant website templates here:


2. Spend time on your content

It is a common mistake to only publish the menus. To be considered in Google and show up high when people search you have to publish quality content. Yes, it does take time, but it is time very well spent. Maybe your content will serve you for years to come so do it properly. Or hire someone and make sure they understand the importance of quality and plenty of text.

You may not be a writer, but you know more than most people about food and restaurants! Put together some top 10-lists with your favorite food, make a list of tips for the home chef, show how you prepare and cook the food etc. Show your passion for good food!

3. Get good pictures

You probably see people every day taking pictures of their food before they eat? Many of those pictures end up on Instagram! Take lots of pictures of all the dishes on your menu and present your restaurant in pictures. Take good smiling pictures of you and your staff and make your guest recognize you. Replace the default pictures in your restaurant website templates with your own.

A professional photographer will be an expense, but the difference in picture quality may justify the expense. Of course, you can also take the pictures yourself and save some money, modern phones and cameras can help all of us to better results.

Restaurant marketing
Make them long to come!



4. Use video

Video content is a perfect way to boost your rankings in Google and make people feel as they are already in your restaurant. Google looks at how long time your visitors spend on your site and videos will make them stay longer. You can use YouTube to host your videos so it will not use too many resources from your own site, and your videos will, of course, be available there too! Present your restaurant, your employees, how you prepare the food etc. Make them hungry!

5. Use social media

restaurant website templatesYou probably already have a FaceBook account. If not, getting one is really easy. Create a “Fan page” for your business. People will share the link and comment if they like your food and in time more and more people will know about your place.

Keep logging in daily and respond to questions and comments. Open an account also on Instagram and publish some of your pictures there! For some people, FaceBook and Instagram are all they have time for, but there is more if you are serious about marketing your establishment. Open account at Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. Search for instructional videos on YouTube on how to use them.

6. Do some basic SEO

Restaurant website templateSEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and can be as easy or difficult as you want it to be. If you are using WordPress there is a plugin called “Yoast” that is essential. Follow the directions and make sure your site will look the right way in Google.

With Yoast it is so easy the is no excuse not to do it. You will type a title, a description, and content anyway so you might as well spend a few minutes to do it right. Use Google to search for your competition and do your best to beat them with a better listing.

7. Get word of mouth

Give costumers an incentive to invite friends and family to come to your restaurant. Give them a coupon with a rebate they can share and you will have new customers coming on their friend’s recommendation.

8. Local marketing
The web is global, but your business is local. Post your ads community boards, spread your business card and make the presentation from the street look perfect! Put a bowl in the restaurant where people can put their business cards and draw a winner of something from your restaurant.

9. Theme evening with event or class
Arrange an evening with a theme of special food. Prepare a presentation and show people how the food is made and what it contains. If you prefer, you could find somebody else to do the actual presentation.

10. Email marketing
Make an incentive for people to sign up for your mailing list. Offer them rebates or invitations to theme evenings and events. Send them emails now and the with nice pictures of your food and menu updates. Offer them a free e-book with some recipes! People do not signup for anything, give them something in return. So imagine you are a guest yourself when you study your own website, what would make you type in your email?

11. Stickers and bumper magnets

Give out free stickers to your guests and put a nice magnetic or vinyl foliation on the company car. Make sure it is easy the read your restaurant name from a few meters away.

12. Use balloons!

Kids love balloons and will march around town with your restaurant name for all to see!

That’s 12 restaurant marketing ideas!

12 ideas you can use right away in your restaurant marketing. Use your imagination, try to think as a guest and your marketing will attract new customers to your business!

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